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Living in a Material World, I'm a Material Girl

I know I disappeared but this once it was not my fault, I swear :)

*Things were going kinda bad during my last week, too many things to do, too many people let me down (included my ex/not ex/almost ex b-friend who is quite disappeared). By the way, I'm not trying to think 'bout it.

*My teacher of Language Philosophy decided to organise a partial exam and I've to take it in two weeks. Okey, thank you so much for giving me such a notice honey, now I've just to translate that damned manual in two weeks °___° WTF!

*I'm watching Orphan, Esther is a great character, that little b**ch is a classy psycho killer ROFL Not a bad movie at all.

+Lizbeth is just like me *__* Same passions, same oddness <3 Maybe I'm not THAT disturbed but I'm quite convincing xD

*Searching for an apartment in Parma, maybe I'm gonna move there with a friend of mine. Up to now I've found a one-room-apartment with a bathroom. Let's cross fingers xD

*the only...good?!...thing of the week is my third dream becoming true. OMG, now I've got my own laptop and my pear's salary is almost evaporated. But who cares, now I've got a Macbook <3
OOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGG! I'm a material girl I know but I'm so glad to be a material girl this time :) I'e been waiting for two years dreaming about him (yep, him. His name is John Dean xD)

Now a couple of brief reviews
+ I'm more and more in love with Emma/Peter ship. I really do. They're such a cute (Gosh, too sentimentalism for me)
+ Hiro the magician was such a cool part, he was so nice! Oh come on, please, don't come back with this Charlie thing. It's gonna be annoying uh?! Please move on!
+ Claire, quite useless.
+Sylar is back or not? I really appreciated the mirror's flashback even if I hope it won't become too much Sylarish (yep, I know it sound strange but I don't want the other plots to be clouded.

Ugly Betty
+ Daniel is the sweetest man in the world, Eric is one of the best actors of this show <3
+Nico, the little psycho! Willi is a bit overweighted or it's just my imagination?
+ Matt eing punched? Such a great scene °___° Go Daniel, go!
+Betty is so pretty, I'm glad she's not changing that much ^^

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