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I want to Break Free

Just a quick update for you, my beloved friends.
I know you're anxious to know what a hell happened to your heroine.
Yep, I'm in Parma now. I lie in this little flat with a friend of mine *actually now she's sleeping in front of me* and I study in our bathroom because we've to share a room (bed/living/diningroom plus kitchen).
I'm not complaining at all, it's such a great thing even because up to now I've got enough time to study for my Friday's exam.
I just want to apologize 'cause I've not time now to comment on your journals *yep, i'm a bad friend* but tomorrow I'll do it, I swear.
I just want to review quickly some TV Shows I've been seeing during these nights.

Dexter 4X04 - 4X05
*Okey, maybe i'm the only one but I really shipped Deb/lundy and seeing her like this is destroying me. She's such a great girl and I can't stand it. I knew their love didn't disappear *yep, there's a heart in my chest, can you believe it?*

*Rita, come on. You're so annoying, I really can't stand her. I know she's a worried wife but please, please let him breathe.

*Quinn and his reporter are so predictable, I'm so sorry for Batista. LaGuerta is a frigid liutenant, we already know it, but I really hope she'll do the right thing once.

*Trinity a beloved father, husband and teacher? OMG that's awesome. Have you seen Dex's reaction? Pure admiration lol

Betty 4X03 - 4X04
*no more Betty/Matt please. He's too moody, really.Even creepy somehow. And Amanda °__°

*glad Betty and Marc are friends again, even because the hot-dog dance was something awesome. I like them as friends, somehow they're sweet.

*Am I the only one who associated Daniel with Dexter in the third season? The support group and all of that...just please do not become a mormon Daniel XD

*Connor back just for a greeting? Blood on the boat? It seems quite interesting, though.

Dollhouse 2X04
*I loved this episode, maybe because I love Sierra and Victor.

*Lundy is here *ç* What a useless character btw, and Echo half naked as always .__."

*Sierra's story is such a touching one, she's a great actress, really. I felt so much pain, I love the relationship between her and Victor *how they sleep together in the end of the episode <3*
(yes I cried, please do not tell it to anyone. I've got a reputation)

*No Paul, why? Please God tell me WHY?!

*Topher part was better tan other times, that's good. Not super-good but a beginning.

*DeWitt's scenes were amazing. I really understand why Sere likes her that much.

I gotta go, I really need to rest. Promise I'll be back tomorrow.
Rock on Guys *Queen Music is driving me crazy*
And, yes, Saturday Night is hardcore Superstar night! I'm going to their concert in Bologna, so excited ^^ A perfect gift for the fist exam attendance, don't you think?
Tags: concert, dexter, dollhouse, real life, review, ugly betty, uni

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