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;Take it

take another little piece of my Heart, baby

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Nevrotic Bohemian Artist who lives in a dusty Attic
Joker, Jokè, Patatì Patatà Patasnella come te . You can call him/her (it?!) as you like. Joker wears a bra and this can help you guessing his/her genre (I hope nobody thinks a guy can really wear a bra, that's gross). Joker likes the third person speech, as you can read. Italy is Joker's homeland, classe 1990. Coffee is the Ambrosia, Rhum the Oppium, Beethoven the Sublime Pleasure. Le Fleurs du Mal is the Bible. Joker aspires to become a drafty, afflicted, decadent writer. Reading is the best way to explore new worlds and realities. V.Woolf, S.King, C.Palahniuk, E.A.Poe, H.P. Lovecraft are just some of the masters worshipped. Joker is in love with its Canon SX10, Photoshop and the Moleskine. Photography, Graphic and Drawing are other passion cannot be forgotten. Say The Evil Dead and Joker will come to your home with popcorn and a Beer. Horror/Indie movies are an obsession, TV serials its lymph. Joker doesn't belong to a group a genre. Joker watches/reads/listens to everything (expecially Indie/Rock Music ♥) It's a mystery, it'a hieretic, it's the unutterable no-no. Remember, Joker is the Agent of Chaos.

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