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Can you believe? 96 Icons.

Happy Easter to all of you! I wish you'll have nice holidays and you'll relax curing this period (the ones who can do it xD). Anyway It's happening. I did not believe in it but it's true.
Yes, I'm not Joking. Icons, Again. 96
Remember do Not hotlink, the Credits and please comment if you take. Hope you'll enjoy them 'cause they're a lot of icons this time. I've been making them for two months but unfortunately only today I've had enough time to collect them. (Special thanks to caotic_girl for the textures).

(1-22) Zachary Quinto
(23-36) Stock & Models
(37-56) The Virgin Suicides
(57-78) Party Stock
(79-89) Michael Pitt
(90-96) Seth Green


TEASER! Icon 026 TEASER! Icon 065 TEASER! Icon 076 TEASER! Icon 094

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We're alla Space Monkeys dudes

*jingle bell jingle bell, jingle is rolling all the way*

I'm waiting for a late dinner, than a bit of Net-Surfing and in the end Heroes' Last Episode *yuppi* and Saturday Night Live [the italian one, the only thing I see on that silly black box they call TV].
I've read Fight Club after seeing the movie like one hundred times. I know, It'll never be the same reading it after the movie. Anyway imagining Brad Pitt as Tyler is not so bad after all
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I've also made a couple of Zachary Quinto's Icons [of my God Isn't him gorgeous?]



TEASER! Icon 006 TEASER! Icon 009 TEASER! Icon 020

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