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I know I'll sort it out * keep hoping it girl*

Tep, I know. I'm a bad girl. I disappeared from most of the Net (forum, LJ, emails, MSN) but I'm trying to study enough to satisfie others expectations *I love to be under pressure because of other's expectations*. Everyone says "you'll do your best, you'll be the excellence."
Okey, thank you for the trust and the support but everybody should know up to now that I'm not so good at dealing with people when I'm under pressure. What's more tomorrow I'll take the Speaking part of my CAE exam I don't feel up passing it. I'm scared, totally. Thus the other part of the exam *the one I'm preparing for since last April* takes place on Wednesday and Writing, Reading, Grammar, Listening?
Yesterday I went to the swimming pool to have a break and have a "full-day" birthday party. It endep up pretty weel. t 1 AM the boys were singing and playing the guitars under a sky full of stars (eravamo dalla pietra di Bismantova per chi foss delle parti n.d.A).
I discovered that the suncream "high protection" doesn't prevent you from the sunburn anyway xD
I cannot think about love, even if I'd like.
I cannot think about my holidays.
I cannot think about PC, relax because everytime I do it the image of a book appears from nowhere.
Damn, they're right when they say I'm too stressed.
This was a long way to say I won't be achievable for a while, sorry about that. All the best boys and girls.
*runs away, as always LOL*