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It's gotta be Bunnies

Okey, Here I am again.
Tonight I just escaped from my flatmate to make kinda of movida or happy hour, I went to Uni at *coff coff* 6 PM and some friends, seeing me at THAT hour, asked "Are you wating for smt? Were you in class?"
"I'm waiting for the others to do the happy hour". So professional, isn't it? We stole tons of sandwiches, slices of pizza and had dinner in the bar.
I think we're the shame of our Uni, most of time we stay in the coffeeroom laughing and making noise metting always new people.
fortunately I come back home and my flatmate is studying
*I know, nobody studies at 8 PM in a no-exam period, but she does*
so I'm just influenced by her and I read something, make some exercises just not to feel that lazy.

Asked for Erasmus project. The teacher was kinda nice at me, he answered to all my questions even if he treated me like a stupid. He was pitying me, a poor little first year girl who'll never pass the exam.
"you've to know that is a long period, nine months!"
OMG really? I didn't pictured that. I've not been realising it until now. ù.ù
I'm just arguing with the Uni-site to understand which possibilities offers every university, let's see if I can make a choise before the selection :)

I've to read 5 books and 3 manuals for Russian Literature's exam. History of Russian Futurism is the most boring book ever. I couldn't just keep my eyes open this afternoon. I'm really disappointed because I love the teacher *she cannot match clothes, but we cannot blame her for this* and the topic is really interesting. However, that manual is such a bore. Huge and useless. It keeps repeating the same concept during 20 pages. Please, stop it!

Anyway, after a rocking and rolling weekend, most of which I do not remember of because of 4-5-6 beers I shouldn't have drunk, I'm in Parma again. Of course I've already watched all my episodes (even if, God knows why, the 4X09 Heroes Episode is cut at min. 22 ;__;)

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I want to Break Free

Just a quick update for you, my beloved friends.
I know you're anxious to know what a hell happened to your heroine.
Yep, I'm in Parma now. I lie in this little flat with a friend of mine *actually now she's sleeping in front of me* and I study in our bathroom because we've to share a room (bed/living/diningroom plus kitchen).
I'm not complaining at all, it's such a great thing even because up to now I've got enough time to study for my Friday's exam.
I just want to apologize 'cause I've not time now to comment on your journals *yep, i'm a bad friend* but tomorrow I'll do it, I swear.
I just want to review quickly some TV Shows I've been seeing during these nights.

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I gotta go, I really need to rest. Promise I'll be back tomorrow.
Rock on Guys *Queen Music is driving me crazy*
And, yes, Saturday Night is hardcore Superstar night! I'm going to their concert in Bologna, so excited ^^ A perfect gift for the fist exam attendance, don't you think?

Moving on...

Ufficialmente On Hiatus
niente, è destino che ogni volta che si chiude un capitolo della mia vita io debba intraprendere grandi svolte
(ciò spero non significhi che per ogni storia finita io cambi città, però in questo caso è stato un buon incentivo).
Finalmente, detta la parola FINE, mi sento pronta a rifarmi un po', anche se non so ancora bene cosa questo voglia dire xD
Causa appunto trasferimenti vari non ho idea di quanto tempo dovrò aspettare per riconnettermi con regolarità, inoltre ho un esame la settimana prossima e ogni momento libero è a solo uso e consumo dello studio.
Statemi bene patatini, non dimenticatemi ;___;


I'm not dead

*Hug Needed*

Okey, okey giuro che non è colpa mia.
Non si tratta di pigrizia, assolutamente. A mia discolpa posso dire di avere mille mila puntate di Heroes, Dexter e Dollhouse arretrate.
Sono mediamente disperata, mi sento anche colpevole perchè ho trascurato la mia ingente quantità di commenti inutili che solitamente vi propino. Rimedierò (solo èerchè so che non vedevate l'ora).
Ma ho paura che in questo periodo sarò molto fantasmatica (basti pensare che non ho neppure il tempo di scrivere in inglese xD). Faccio orari da ufo (oggi poi è il massimo: 8.00 - 19-30 olè) ed ho mille mila materie impossibili tra cui filosofia del linguaggio con annesso prof maniaco ed estremamente prolisso.
Inoltre ho passato una settimana a meravigliarmi di come i miei soldi scompaiano dal portafoglio alla velocità della luce quando si parla di libri (che paiono più Bibbie in sanscrito con traduzione a fronte per l'imponenza) e la prof di Russo, vista la quantità di alunni, ci ha spronato ad abbandonare il suo corso °_°
Siamo partiti proprio bene.
Insomma, la sera provo ad uscire un po', il lunedì lavoro e quando ho un attimino provo ad iniziare a studiare (o almeno ricopiare gli appunti di quelle lezioni che sono sovrapposte).
Si lo so, è solo questione di organizzarmi ;______;
Yes I can!
okey non ci credo manco io però, dai ora riproverò finchè non mi ci convinco (:

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What's my Age Again?

* Thank to all of you for the wishes and the little gifts *ç* I just wanna share them with you sweeties.
From snowlullaby , brit_clo and herm_weasley

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*I really dunno how things like this can happen to me. 3 PM, driving along the way as usual. Then there's this bend and I really could not imagine that this white little truck is driving on my lane.
The driver just didn't do nothing at all. I steered and he just destroyed my left hand-glass. Well, just. It has been fairly thrown into my car. A lot of glass and some cuts and, of course, my little friend "the white truck" did not stop. Okey, the driver stopped a while and then continued his drive.
Thank you so much a***h**e.

* I'm sleeping quite nothing at all. Last night I slept just an half an hour, the day after 3 hours and tomorrow I've to go to work (doing the grape-harvest is not a job, is a torture) and I cannot sleep today, too many things to do. Moreover, due to the accident, I've to use the bike (and this means 40 minutes to arrive to the place ;_____; ). Love is getting me insomniac. HE says to me not to drink so many coffees and then he doesn't let me go home until 2 AM. Maybe it's a bit His fault if I've to live with caffein, don't you think? ù.ù

* Walt Disney meme, snagged from most of my f-list ♥

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