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Home Alone: Risky Business

Oh yeah. Today i've been in the parking lot doing a kind of car-wash
imagine a goofy not-Paris-Hilton washing her dirty car with 20 degrees or more
my car thanks me a lot. It used to be white, then it became grey and now it's white and shining again. Today it's the first day I'm free and alone at home so I'm trying to relax even if Friday I'll come back to school.
I've done a lot of things these holidays
*I went to the mountains to see some male friends who live there
*I was in the chorus and we sang pretty well
*I ate a lot, really
*I staied at my friend's home from 11 AM to 11 PM (we were 12, we did a grillade - both lunch and dinner)
*I went to Bologna to visit an old friend - she gave me a bagpipe she bought for me in Scotland <3
Today I'm pretty satisfied because my Writer Block seems disappeared and I continued a story I began writing some months ago - even if I know that from now on I'll have no more time to do nothing just study, study, study.
So today I'm home alone and I wish to everyone who's got this power to do as I'm doing now:


Noventanove scimmie saltavano sul letto...

A bit tired but satisfied. Rome has been such a great experience. I'll upload the photos on My DA and I'll show them to who wants to know something more. We've seen some classic monuments I'd already seen but I think it was the people, the 60's persons' group that made the difference. We had so much fun dancing in a pullman at night while Rome was passing by
Su le mani Paaaaaapullman!
So thank you all for two amazing days. Anyway I'm produ of myself. I ended my oral exam of Literature with a deserved 9 [I woke up at 6.30 to study the last pages] and now I'm satisfied. So a meme to reward myself, tken from sanzina89 Collapse )
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