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I'm gonna give you a little somethin' you can't take off.

mental insanity makes me LOVE this Gif. So I'll post it again and again ♥

Okey so please just remember me that sleeping nothing at all on Sat. Night
(instead of doing it I played cards, table games and ping-pong with my dear friends I hadn't seen for a while. It has been awesome even if I should have slept even just an hour. I know I'll be like a zombie for the whole day but if I just touch my bed I fall asleep. The deepest of ever.
However, what people say it's right. It's stranger than getting drunk. It's like you have not the complete control of yourself...and I had some visions until couple of minutes ago xD
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Just a couple of reviews. As I said some days ago I won't be online that much but I really wanna be here even just to check my flist *oh, what would I be without you?* and review my TVShows.
(1 day and an half and I saw 4 episodes)

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Quite over, as you can see, just I'd like to underline that I'm leaving House for the moment. I've no time to follow italian TV schedule, no lust to see it even because there are other TV Shows I'm interested with. For example Betty which is restarting this week ♥

Baby don't hurt me, no more...

Okey, my Bad. I've no time left to do anything. Fortunately (or maybe un-) I've to blame school and study and my june's exam. My Books are always staring at me whispering "we're gonna take you, one day or another".
Worse than an horror movie.
Anyway I've seen a couple of movies and I can agree with Sere. The Curious Case of Benjamin Bunton and the Orphanageare really great movies. I've watched them with pleasure totally satisfied. This week I've seen House, Betty, Heroes and Dollhouse in my free time, while I was eating, or reading, or finishing something for school. I noticed that the "Hunter" in Heroes is the same actor in the House's italian episode, the man with the gun (yep, I don't remember the episode's number. Quite normal on thursday at almost midnight).
I like the mistery around Dollhouse, Eliza is such a perfect choice for Echo. The idea is great, thank to Joss, and I hope it won't be cut or just disappear as it happens sometimes. Who's Alpha? Why did Caroline accept to be in that programm? Who's helping the detective?
Heroes was a nice episode, even if I did not see Sylar ;___; I love HRG's role, his duality and of course the fact Daphne is alive *I knew it, most of the Heroes do not die to soon*. Peter was a bit irresponsible but we know he does one thing right and the others are a total mess. So we can forgive you Pete, even if your brother fools you everytime. Just because you saved Parkman <3
I've discovered that even Fear Itself, another TV Show has been put on "hiatus" is starting again so good for me, really no time left.
I'm gonna wake up at 4 A.M. next Saturday to have a nice excursion to Rome, two days with my "holy group", parish's animators. Let's see if I can just take a breath.
For a couple of days I will be free from my internet-addiction. My mum would say this's good. ù.ù I leave you with something'll make you remember me in these hours. Enjoy!

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